Mayor Walsh rolls Boston back to modified phase 2 step 2 restrictions

At least six communities are joining Boston in announcing new or reimposed COVID-19 restrictions. This is in response to surging numbers of cases and hospitalizations due to the virus.

The Mayor of Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh, announced that Boston will be progressing backards to a modified version of "Phase 2, Step 2" of the Massachusetts economic reopening plan.

Anchor Boston Church has also rolled back to suspend in person gatherings due to the recent escalation in COVID-19 cases. effective December 17 Anchor Boston will temporarily suspend ‘in person’ gatherings. They will continue broadcasting gatherings via Livestream on Thursday evenings. They look forward to worshiping together ‘in person’ when safer to do so. One can imagine other churches in Boston will be doing the same. 



Two injured in crash involving police cruiser in Boston


An officer and Boston resident were injured on Tuesday in a crash concerning a police cruiser in Boston. 

Boston police say the officer was tangled in a slow-speed crash with a suspect just before 2 a.m. in Dorchester.

Thankfully the crash was not near any buildings or churches in Boston. Anchor church is only a few miles away from the scene. 

The suspect and injured officer have not been recognized and were taken to a local hospital near Anchor Boston church to be treated. 

The news will have more information when it becomes available.


Boston Police investigating crash involving pedestrian on Commonwealth Avenue


A serious crash involved a pedestrian and is under investigating in Brighton, Boston Police say.

Police responded to 1270 Commonwealth Avenue (near a church in Boston) at around 7 p.m. on Monday for statements of a person hit by a car.

Boston Police say the victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. They also said it is possible a second person was also struck. The driver stayed on scene and was cooperating with police. No additional details were made directly accessible. Anchor Boston church is near the area of the hit and no other parties were injured.