Boston establishment experiences shooting

On Saturday, two men were killed in an altercation in Boston, MA. They were outside of a restruant that many drive past to attend Anchor Church Boston may have seen. There are many churches in Boston in the area surrounding this Lounge and Restuaurant, but none like Anchor Church. The victims of this crime were 27 and 29 years old and were taken to a hospital near to Anchor Church. No arrests have been made yet and those at Anchor church are praying for healing. 

What will new leadership do about crime in Boston

Residents from all over Boston, some who live near Anchor Church Boston, voiced their oppinions on how to lessen crime in these neighborhoods and around Anchor church. 

Boston mayoral canidates have been speaking with the public and listening to thier ideas on how to stop such altercations in their communities. Some of these public speached have taken place by buildings or churches in Boston. Anchor church is only a few miles away from many of these. 

The news will have more information as the canidates race progresses. Atendees of Anchor Church are looking forward to updates. 


Restaurants in Boston wondering how new Covid measures will affect them


As the Delta Variant worsens, many busnisses, like Anchor Church in Boston, are wondering what new saftey measure might mean for them. 

This particularly pertains to restraunts in Boston, many which are near churches such as Anchor church. 

Owners are worried about taking any chances, they are now enforcing a proof of vaccine upon entry while others simply encourace the use of masks when not eating, much like the congregation at Boston Church Anchor. Other restaurants in this area near Anchor church are not enforcing any safety measures, scared to push away customers when they need them most.